Yoga Poses For Better Sleep

Did you know that exercise is not recommended right before bed, due to many reasons. First of all, the physical activity wakes you up and lifts your energy, which is not really good if you plan to go to bed soon. However, this does not refers to yoga at all. Yoga is the only activity which is actually recommended before going to bed since it helps you relax and alleviates the stress in your body and mind.

Benefits of yoga are well-known and praised around the world. One of the most ancient workouts still keeps to attract followers and practitioners, but did you also know that it can help you sleep better? Here is what you have been missing out on by not doing yoga before bed!

Yoga Poses That Will Help You Sleep

There are many yoga poses that you could do in order to get yourself to the right mood for sleeping, however, these are the most effective.

Legs Up The Wall

This simple position can be done from your bed as well. Keep your body in this position for 3 minutes and you will see the beneficial effects. You can also use the headboard to rest your legs up it. This position will relieve the stress in your legs, and if you are standing most of your day this will definitely help you relax.

Seated Forward Fold

Do you feel the tension in your back? In order to relieve the pain, sit with both your legs together and straighten them in front of you and lean forward. You will slowly feel the tension releasing, but make sure you stay in this position for six or seven deep breaths for best results.

Happy Baby Pose

This pose is really relaxing and fun. Laying on your back grab the tips of your toes with your hands and bring your knees close to your armpits. This exercise will lengthen your spine and being in this position for five breaths or longer will definitely help you sleep better during the night.

Wind-Relieving Pose

If you want to relieve the pressure in your digestive track and possibly even release some winds, this is the pose for you. Laying on your back slowly bring your knees to your chest using both hands. This position will allow you to straighten your spine, and holding the shin in this position for at least five breaths will soon make you realize how easy it is to chase the stress away with yoga positions.