Ultimate Tips For Getting A Baby To Bed

Whether you are a new parent or a parent to more than one child, an aunt, a grandparent or a babysitter, getting a child to bed can be a real challenge to those who have more experience as well as for those who have no experience. However, you should remember these tips the next time you face a fussing baby who won’t go to bed. They might just help you overcome this problem.

Baby Sleep Solutions

Sounds And Sleep

Babies spend 9 months in the mother’s uterus and during this time they develop hearing. Once they develop hearing, they can hear clearly the voices and noise in the mother’s surrounding, as well as mother’s voice and the sound of her body. It is not a really quiet place, but the babies grow accustomed to the noise. Most of all they hear the blood vessels and the sounds of the mother’s body, which are a lot like white noise, humming or the sound of a running engine.

In order to put your baby to sleep, you can use the similar sounds to help you soothe the baby. This is why humming shhh sounds, works so well with babies. Also, you can use the washing machine sounds, or white-noise machine fans to make it easier for the child to fall asleep. If all else fails, some parents choose to put their baby in their car and drive around. The rocking movement and the sound usually soothes them all too well.

A Stubborn Sleeper

As a parent or a caretaker, you must understand that babies need routine and that it is your task to stick to it. A baby will wake up and start talking or cooing, but you must be able to let it amuse herself and eventually the baby will go back to sleep. It could be that the baby just needs a bit of entertainment before continuing the sleep cycle, but if you are too fact to pick the baby up you both can forget about sleeping.

Nursery And Light

It is recommendable that you have a nightlight, but do not keep it on when the baby is asleep. The room should be as dark as possible. You can easily achieve this with blinds or darker curtains. The baby needs the darkness because their sleep can be easily interrupted with the light glow that comes from appliances and this will disrupt their sleep cycle.

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