Sleep Gadgets That You Could Only Dream Of When You Were A Kid

Sometimes we forget how lucky we really are to live in this day and age that provides so many possibilities. That being said, as a kid you were probably imagining the future, but could you have foreseen these gadgets! The following sleep gadgets are truly amazing and breath-taking and could even impress that kid that you once were! Read more about the trendiest sleep gadgets that you can find on the market today.

Top 6 Gadgets That Will Help You Sleep

Smart Nora

Are you snoring at night? Nora could help you overcome this problem! This incredible and ingenious gadget is actually an activator of a small pump that is placed under your pillow. So when snoring is detected, the pump is activated and you are forced to move your head and stimulate the throat muscles, and therefore stop snoring.

Beddi Smart Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is light years away from the alarm clocks that we had as kids. This incredible alarm clock is not just streaming Spotify tunes to wake you up gently, but it is also in synch with your smartphone and other connected devices, so that it can tell you the weather and the traffic update when it wakes you up. Now that’s amazing, don’t you think?

Philips Wake Up Light

For those who cannot wake up without a natural sunlight, this is the thing for you! This gadget that comes to us from Philips mimics natural and gradual sunlight and allows you to gradually wake up. The increasing period of 30 minutes wakes you up in the gentlest way so that you can start your day fresh. It also allows you to wake up with one of the five sounds or and FM radio as a wake up call.

Fitbit Charge 2

The wristband is there to wake you up with a gentle buzz, but that is not all! It will also provide you with data about your sleep duration and quality. The design is really neat and simple, so you can wear it throughout the day.


This app comes with a chest strap that monitors your breathing and allows it to synch with tonal music. The chest strap slowly affects your breathing and brings you to sleep.


This gadget is not just another tracker of your heart rate and steps and calories and distance, although it does all that, too. It will help you track your sleeping pattern and it comes with a battery that lasts for up to five days.

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