The Easy Guide to Selling a Used Mattress

tips for selling a used mattress

Many folks ask the question, “Can you sell a used mattress?” The quick answer is yes, but make sure to read this article to avoid some common pitfalls.

Used beds often turn to be the most economical and affordable alternative for people who just can’t afford higher priced mattresses on the market. A lot of people don’t know how to sell a used mattress due to different state regulations (yes, sometimes selling your old bed can be illegal).

But don’t stress it, in this article we will show you what you need to do it properly and get the best possible price along the way. 

Things to Consider Before Selling

Check State Laws

If you’ve decided that you would want to put up your used mattress for sale in a local store or online. You might want to see if you are subjected to state laws which are related to this matter.

There are a lot of state laws which apply when it comes to selling through a third party, and you would need to check your specific state legislation to determine how to go through with this sale.

Choosing a Suitable Shop

If you’ve taken proper care of your mattress and it is in a sellable condition, selecting a suitable shop is something to consider. There are a few different second-hand stores which would gladly accept well-preserved mattresses which are in proper condition and carry a good brand name.

You can also sell it through different social media websites. With the advent of technology, it’s not that challenging to get the word going.


When you start advertising your bed, you should remember that honesty is absolute key. With this said, there are different channels that you can use to get the word out there. Right off the bat, you can take advantage of specific websites which are designated for second-hand goods.

Additionally, you can ask the store owner to put up your mattress on a front row for some additional commission. This would get more attention centered towards your bed.


Regardless of how brand new your mattress might be, unless it is in its original packaging and you haven’t used it at all, you would likely get no more than 10% of its initial cost. However, keep in mind that mattresses are not a commodity and, as such, branded units usually tend to sell for a higher price tag.

This means that you can expect a proper return on the sale. However, if the amount is not significant enough to make any change to you, it’s always reasonable and appropriate to consider donating your mattress to a local shelter – it would undoubtedly deliver more value there.

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Tips For Selling Your Used Bed

Take Good Pictures

Put the bed in a favorable light and make sure to take close-ups. These are used to make sure that the claims you made about the bed’s condition are adequately backed up.

Also, it is essential to take the pictures from different angles as well as of both of the bed’s sides, given it’s a reversible unit. If you have any original tags displayed, you should make sure to include them as well.

Mention Brand Name, Material, and Type

To make your selling proposition as comprehensive and as transparent as possible, it is essential to mention the brand name as well as the different types of materials which are used in the bed. 

Clean it

Regardless of whether the mattress has been protected throughout its entire life, it is necessary that you clean it. You should give it an excellent and thorough cleaning before you decide to sell. It’s advisable that you use particular products which are made entirely for upholstery. You can also take advantage of compact steam cleaners. Alternatively, if you want to, you can always have it cleaned professionally.

Honesty is Your Best Friend

It’s essential that you are entirely honest about the product you want to sell. If the bed has undergone an accident, do not hide it. Put yourself in the position of the buyer – you wouldn’t want to purchase a faulty bed, would you?

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Wrapping it Up

As you can see, selling your bed isn’t as straightforward as it may seem to be. There are a few different things that must address before you go ahead a sell the mattress.

With this said, following all of the tips above would get you going quicker. This could be a hassle-free procedure if you do it in an organized manner, handling one thing after another in a proper sequence. It’s as easy as that. It would also help you get the maximum value out of the sale.

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