Our Amerisleep vs. Saatva Mattress Comparison for 2018

comparison of saatva and amerisleep

Do you know which brand to trust? You can’t merely pick any mattress. Each brand has unique features, and these will have a direct impact on your spine, sleeping pattern and comfort.

In this article, we showcase two market-leading brands, Amerisleep vs. Saatva. Which one will come out on top according to your preferences? We give you ample information to select the best choice for your new bed.



What makes Saatva beds so loved? It’s all because of the quality development process. You can purchase any one of the Saatva products and find similar features.

Saatva creates their beds by pairing firm bases with comfortable top layers. Firstly you’re supported by the bottom made of hourglass shaped steel coils. They’re tempered, and oven baked to ensure longevity.

On top, you’ll find wrapped coils, and euro pillowed tops. The coils are separate which prevents the whole bed responding to one movement. The handcrafted feature ensures attention is given to every detail of the design.

layers of saatva bed


Amerisleep’s first difference in construction to Saatva products is that there aren’t any coils. The Amerisleep mattresses have different layers and are constructed in a unique way that doesn’t simply benefit you but the environment too. Here’s how.

Amerisleep beds have covers that contain Celliant that turns your body’s natural heat into a healing energy instead of it causing hot, uncomfortable sleep. This healing energy can have a positive effect on your heart and lungs. This even helps you fall asleep faster because you can relax quicker.

Next, your Amerisleep mattress’ chambers are closed with carbon filters added to the design. This traps air inside so it can’t escape without going through the filters. Chemicals are therefore prevented from escaping, and the air around the bed will be cleaner than before.

This is how technology in the top layers of Amerisleep mattresses makes your home an eco-friendly environment.

Next, you’ll find a 3″ Bio-Foam layer made from plant-based materials that conform to your body shape. A 2” Affinity layer connects the two other layers and gives you additional support. The bottom Bio-core layer is 7” thick and offers the most support.

layers of amerisleep



You’ll feel the effects of Saatva beds by day and night. You get lumbar support through a high-quality memory foam layer. You’ll experience less stress and tension after a night’s sleep.

You’ll experience enhanced comfort from the euro pillow top. This is different to most pillow tops as it’s not on top of the mattress. By inserting it into the outer covering, there’s less chance of it losing shape and forming an irregular surface.

You don’t want a mattress that sags under your weight because it results in sleepers falling into the mattress instead of lying on top. The steel coil design prevents this in Saatva mattresses. The wrapped coils also afford comfort because they allow the bed to respond to the unique contours of your body.


The Amerisleep brand is known to offer a wide variety of products. This helps you find comfortable mattresses for all family members no matter their preferences.

Many features influence a mattress’ comfort, such as firmness, support, heat disposal and softness of the top layers. The Amerisleep range has characteristics that help you in most of these areas, and each layer plays a role.

The top layer has the features discussed above which prevent excessive heat. The Bio-foam layer is memory foam which makes for comfortable sleeping positions and even helps you stay cool. The second layer serves to enhance the other layers’ effects.

Even though your bed feels the softness of the top layers, you don’t have to sacrifice support.

The bottom layer is what helps your body’s joints keep their natural positions. Your hips and shoulders will no longer feel sore when you wake up because your Amerisleep bed supports them adequately.

firmness scale for saatva and amerisleep

Saatva vs. Amerisleep Side by Side Comparison

Type of coilsSteel and wrappedNone
Warrantees15 years: 2 years full warranty + 13 years prorated warranty20 years: 10 years full replacement warranty + 10 years prorated warranty
Eco-friendly featuresSaatva uses environmentally friendly products during manufacturingNo emissions thanks to the Variable Pressure Foaming process
Trial period120 day home trial.
Free return except on non-returnable Lineal adjustable base.
100 days
Special featuresCoil on coil construction.
Increased sleep surface thanks to Dual Perimeter Edge Support System on top coils.
Celliant in the top layer.
Mattress bounces back in four seconds (compared to 60 seconds of many other mattresses) when you move.
Order optionsOrder online or speak to a consultantOrder online or visit an outlet
Memory foam featuresYesYes
Can you try it out before you purchase?No – Saatva is only available onlineYes you can visit an outlet
Items available apart from mattressesBasesBases
How many different firmness levels are available35

Should I Buy Saatva or an Amerisleep?

It’s not about finding the perfect mattress but rather the perfect one for you.

Looking at Saatva and Amerisleep products we found mattresses that will suit a whole range of individuals.

If you share a bed with someone, but you’re a light sleeper the Saatva beds are ideal. The coils’ design means each of them moves separately from the rest. When someone changes position on one part of the bed, you won’t sense the movement elsewhere.

Saatva mattresses are for consumers who are used to coils but are looking for more advanced products. Saatva combines old and new bed technology so you don’t have to get used to a new type of bed, but you can enjoy better quality sleep.

Amerisleep mattresses are excellent for couples. If two people’s sleeping requirements differ, a lot one of the Amerisleep products is bound to match these unique preferences. A good example is the Amerisleep A3 because it feels reasonably comfortable whether you love firm or soft beds.

Consumers who have a preferred sleeping position should browse through the Amerisleep range. This brand designed its mattresses to support specific pressure points and areas. Some are more comfortable for back and stomach sleepers while others are found ideal by side and combo sleepers.

If you want a complete bedding solution trust Amerisleep. They offer additional products such as pillows, so you don’t have to waste time visiting different vendors. Because you can view products at Amerisleep outlets, it’s easier to make your final decision.

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