King vs. Queen Size Bed Comparison – What’s Right For You?

Queen and King bed size comparison

Will the King vs. Queen debate end anytime soon?

I don’t think so. People have different needs, tastes, and preferences when choosing a mattress. What works for one may not work for another.

One of the first questions people usually have regarding the topic is this: How much bigger is a king bed compared to a queen?

In their quest to find satisfactory answers, some have sought the opinion of sleep and mattress enthusiasts on Quora and plowed through Reddit comments. The truth is you’re only going to make an informed decision once you understand the key differences between queen-sized beds and King ones.

Comparison Table

60 x 8076 x 80
Designed for single sleepers
Ideal for sleeping couples
Limited space for couples
Great sleeping space
Quite affordableExpensive to buy
Sits well in a small roomSuitable for spacious rooms

Differences Between a King and Queen Bed


On the dimension front, the king measures me 76 x 80 inches. So you’re most likely to find it in a master bedroom or a hotel suite with a large bed. Its size makes it suitable for sleeping couples than for an individual. The tradeoff is between sleeping space and existing space in a room. Don’t go for a king-sized model if you don’t think you have enough room.

On the other hand, the queen has a standard dimension of 60 x 80 inches. The difference between the two is 16 inches in width. That’s a significant variation. And it could mean the difference between a comfortable night sleep and a poor one. The queen is suitable for anyone who sleeps alone and wants more space. Sleeping couples who prefer a compact sleeping area will make do with it as well.


When comparing the two sizes, mattress cost is something that most people keep uppermost in mind. Prices vary from one brand to another. While that may be the case, the king size is going to cost you more than its counterpart.

The difference in prices boils down to the fact the one has a larger bed dimension than the other. We can say the same thing about their respective accessories. You will have to dig deeper into your pockets to buy a set for a king.

For most people, the price factor is not a determinant of what they choose to buy. Instead, it is about their needs and secondly, preferences. The fact of the matter is you can’t avoid buying accessories once you have a new mattress.

Which One Should I Get?

Room Space

The size of the room is something that most people consider when shopping for a mattress. As much as sleeping couples would love to lie down on a king, not everyone has the luxury of extra room space.

The unwritten rule here is that your room should have two feet of room on either side of the bed and from the door. Use the extra room to turn your mattress and to move around the room.

If you occupy a room that measures 12 x 14ft, go for a queen as the mattress won’t fit there. This mattress will leave enough space for you to move around without bumping into furniture or wardrobe.

Age & Size

Of the two options, the queen is the smaller one. That makes it ideal for high school teens and individuals who occupy small to medium-sized rooms. On the other hand, a king is popular with adults especially sleeping couples. The reason is that it offers adequate space for a comfortable night’s sleep.

queen and king bed size comparisons

One or Two People?

Couples are better off sleeping on a king size because it offers more than enough sleeping area for a comfortable night’s sleep. Of course, the choice depends on your sleeping habits. Do you toss or turn a lot at night?

Do you stretch or change sleeping positions as well? A king allows you to do that without becoming a nuisance to your partner at night. On the other hand, the queen bed is suitable for a person who sleeps alone.

It’s more compact and affords you the luxury to sleep in peace. It’s not unusual to find couples who opt for a queen-sized option.

Availability of Bedding Accessories

You don’t need to read a comparison of the two to know which one is more popular. However, the popularity of one over the other does not have a significant effect on the availability of bedding accessories. You can walk into any sleeping store and find sheets, duvets, and matching pillows for a king-sized or queen mattress at an affordable price.

So this should be the least of your concerns for now.

You Should Choose A Queen If

Honestly, the decision is something that touches on personal expectations and taste (second to room/bed size). Lone sleepers with a medium-sized mattress are better off with a queen as it fits the room dimension perfectly. Being larger than a standard model, it can accommodate an extra person.

Plus, you can still easily move around. With regards to comfort, it’s something that varies from person to person. The bottom line is, buy a queen mattress if comfort isn’t a big concern when sleeping at night.

You Should Choose A King If

King mattresses are not just designed for big beds. They were designed purposely for couples who sleep together. It does not make sense to sleep alone on a king.

You’re better off with a queen mattress.

Couples will enjoy better sleep and comfort on a king-size mattress more so during warm nights. The width and depth provide a greater surface for the entire body including legs than a queen-sized option. On top of that, you can turn quickly and jump out without interrupting a sleeping spouse.


The debate between the two isn’t something that’s going to end soon. For some, the choice of one over the other is a matter of taste while for others convenience. We strongly feel that a queen is suitable for an individual who does not need much sleeping space or anyone who has a small room, and that explains it is so popular with singles.

If you’re concerned about your budget, a queen is the best choice as well.

The king is suitable for sleeping couples who need more room (assuming you have a big bedroom). Though more costly than a queen, the king gives you more than enough space toss and turn at night. If you can’t make up your mind or need a little more info, write to us!

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