Our Casper vs. Loom & Leaf Mattress Comparison

loom & leaf and casper mattress battle

Finally a battle of two giant bedding companies and their product lines.

In one end we have Loom & Leaf, voted as the best mattress in many categories, and comes with high-end materials and technology on par with the most expensive products. In the other end, a “bed in a box” giant, foam-based Casper mattress with fantastic and modern design and materials.

Let’s see how these stack up against each other: Casper vs. Loom and Leaf showdown!

Materials/ Layers/ Construction

The easiest way to start off is to break this down into each section and review each of the options under our previously mentioned criteria.

Loom and Leaf Construction

This is constructed entirely out of foam and puts a whole new meaning to the term, “luxury” by being twelve inches thick.

It is built up with four separate foam layers. All in all, it is around 2 inches higher than your standard mattress, but this is by design to improve deep compression support. The uppermost layer is designed to help you feel comfortable and cool. It is constructed from two inches of gel foam that can conform to your body shape.

The purpose of the gel-infused foam is to help absorb heat and draw it away from your body. The production process ensures an even distribution of the gel. While that’s all well and good, the cooling pad over the top of the gel layer makes this layer exceptional.

Pads of this type are put to use in hospitals and where patients have been burned, to help keep them cool and comfortable. The layer directly below this one is meant to contour to your body. It is two and a half inches thick and made out of memory foam. It has a density of 5PCF which aids in support, pressure relief and complete comfort.

The next layer down is 2 inches thick and is intended to make the transition between the base layer and the others seamless. It supports the upper layers and helps improve rest for those with more substantial bodies.

The final layer is five and a half inches thick and made of high-density foam. It is the core support for all the other layers on top of it. The cover is 100% cotton that has been certified organic. This helps the underlying layers to breath better. The top layer of the cover is quilted with some foam to make the bed feel softer.

They have used thistle as a flame retardant coating. This bed has been finished beautifully with a gold thread trimming that makes it look more luxurious. Overall, the L&L comes across as luxurious. They have trimmed the cover with gold thread, and it runs along the perimeter, which makes it truly high-end.

construction of loom and leaf

Casper Construction

This is a hybrid foam mattress that is nine and a half inches thick. It has four foam layers to give the right balance between comfort, support, and coolness.

The uppermost layer of foam is polyfoam and is an inch and a half thick. The foam is very responsive, has a great deal of spring in it and feels comfortable to lie on.

It is also useful for keeping your bed cool. The next layer down is memory foam, and this is also one and a half inches thick. The foam layer on top of it prevents heat retention in this segment. The memory foam is there to assist in pressure release.

The next layer down is also polyfoam and is one and a half inches thick. It is designed to make the transition between the base support layer and the other layers smoother and provide added comfort.

The final layer is high-density foam and is five inches thick. It is designed to create a stable base for the remaining segments to rest on. The cover is quite unusual in that it is two-toned. The top fabric is Belgian-made and feels luxurious, and soft to the touch. The material breathes easily and helps the mattress to do so as well.

The second color is a dark gray, and this fabric is used on the sides of the bed to reinforce them. It is stronger than the white material.

layers of casper bed


Loom and Leaf Firmness

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the firmest and one being the least firm, this bed comes in at a six. You can also find a firmer feel mattress in the line if you prefer, and that one rates about an eight.

The feel of the bed and the comfort are similar to what you would expect from a Tempur-Pedic. It feels stable and comfortable. You can choose the level of firmness that suits you. The beds range from a more relaxed six out of ten to a much firmer eight out of ten. Personally, this mattress was one of the most comfortable I have slept on. With the relaxed firmness, you really can sink into the mattress.

The memory foam allows it to contour more closely to your body and lets you snuggle in to relieve pressure points, but the polyfoam top coating prevents the heat from building up. The top layer is also a lot more responsive than the foam so you won’t feel stuck in place.

And if you thought that was it, there’s more. The Loom & Leaf is quite responsive, especially paired up next to more standard memory foam models. Unlike traditional foam, the material will quickly adapt to your movements rather than the ‘prolonged’ release. This responsiveness ensures that your body is supported while avoiding the feeling of being stuck in the bed.


On the same scale, the Casper comes in at around a six and a half. Your own experience will depend on what size frame you have and what you weigh.

Those who weigh less have tended to rate the bed as feeling softer. Those who weigh more have tended to rate it as being firmer. The bed does stay nice and cool, even with the layer of memory foam. The polyfoam on top and the breathable cover do make this one of the cooler mattresses I have tried.

I am not much of a fan of memory foam because it doesn’t breathe, but Casper has overcome that problem by using that polyfoam coating. It makes a significant difference to your comfort levels.

The Casper provides decent support, but I do believe that heavier people may find it less comfortable than the Loom and Loft mattress. This is because it does not handle compression quite as well.

No matter what you weigh, this mattress is well-constructed, so it is not going to feel like you are sleeping on the floor or anything so extreme. It will just feel a little firmer, that is all. If you want to go ahead and buy the bed, you could find that this problem is solved by using a bed topper.

The polyfoam layer on top does bounce into shape rather nicely and provides a softer feel overall.

firmness scale for l&l and casper


Casper vs. Loom & Leaf Side by Side Comparison

 Loom and LeafCasper
Material and Cover2″ gel foam, 2.5″ memory foam, 2″ support layer, 5.5″ high-density foam, 100% cotton cover.1.5″ poly foam, 1.5″ memory foam, 1.5″ poly foam, 5.0″ high-density foam
Height12 inches9 ½ inches
Foam Layers44
FirmnessChoose between 6 out of 10 or 8 out of 106 ½ out of 10
Heat ControlGoodGood
Warranty15 years10 years
Trial Period120 days100 days
ShippingShipping is not freeShipping is free
ReturnsEasily doneEasily done
Where MadeU.S.A.U.S.A.

Should I Buy the L&L or the Casper?

For me, the Loom and Leaf comes out the clear winner in terms of comfort and style. I would be happy to recommend it above the Casper if:

  • You prefer more support and don’t like to sink deeply into the mattress.
  • You are a larger person.
  • You would like to have your old mattress removed when the new one is delivered. (You can arrange for that to be done for an extra fee.)
  • You would like the mattress delivered and installed. That’s included in the delivery charge, but you do have to make your bed!
  • You don’t want it compressed for delivery.
  • You want more luxury – the comfort level here is hard to beat.
  • You want more layers – this mattress has an extra 2 inches of foam.
  • You like to sleep in any position – side sleepers may require a cushion that has a bit more height.
  • You want a natural, 100% cotton cover.
  • You want fewer chemicals used – the flame retarder used here is an extract of thistle.
  • You want a more extended warranty – this one is 15 years.
  • You want a longer trial run – this one is 120 days.
  • You want the option of choosing the firmness that you want – either 6/10 or 8/10.
  • You want a higher quality finish – the gold thread makes this look exquisite.
  • You like to keep very cool and don’t love to sink into the mattress much.
  • You sleep on your stomach.
  • You live in a hot area. The cooling layer on the very top of the mattress will speed heat away from your body and help you to cool down quickly.
  • You want to stay cool all night.

The Casper would suit you if:

  • You are on more of a budget – all options for the Casper come in significantly less expensively than the Loom and Loft model.
  • You like to sink into your mattress more. The experience here is that the mattress is hugging you slightly.
  • You want the softer feel of the polyfoam/ memory foam layers.
  • This mattress is not ideal for someone who sleeps on their stomach because you sink into it quite a lot.
  • This may not be a good option if you are overweight as the layers of specialty foam may not provide sufficient cushioning between yourself and the base layer.
  • You want to stay cool. The polyfoam does an adequate job of cooling you down. It is not quite as effective as the Loom and Leaf mattress though.
  • You prefer a plainer mattress without all the bells and whistles.
  • You don’t want to pay for delivery.
  • You have already made a plan to get rid of your old mattress.
  • You like the idea that it comes compressed for delivery. To be fair, the compression doesn’t affect the performance of the mattress; you just need to give it a little time to pop back into shape.
  • You like the Casper brand.

These are both excellent mattresses so you cannot go wrong buying either. I prefer the Loom and Leaf because of the organic cotton covering and the natural flame retarder.

You might prefer the Casper because it is easier to deliver and comes in at a better price point. What it boils down to is that this is something that you will be using every day for a long time to come and you need the option that suits your needs the best.

Which one that is will depend on you, but I do hope that this review has helped you to make that decision more easily.

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