Our Purple vs. Leesa Bed Comparison for 2018

comparison of leesa and purple

Are you ready for another matress showdown. We’ve got an epic Leesa vs. Purple mattress showdown for you.

Leesa is an established brand, with its mattresses being among people’s favorites for quite some time, while Purple is just entering the market with some very innovative and promising beds.

We will break down the different materials, construction, firmness, comfort, and support offered by each brand. Once you’re up to speed on that, we’ll discuss the value and customer service aspects. We believe you will be able to make a wise decision about which one of these two would be the best choice for your particular taste and situation.

Remember that having a mattress that is good for you is one of the main and first steps in the mission of getting a great night sleep. At the same time, sleeping well and comfortably can really change your life, making you feel much better during the day and avoiding that annoying neck or back pain.

Which bed will win this titanic battle? Let’s just straight into it to find out!



The Leesa consists of three different layers of high-quality foam. The most distinctive aspect of Leesa’s construction is that the top layer is made out of Avena foam. This material is very similar to latex in many ways, but more durable.

Leesa is in total 10 inches thick, and the three layers that form the bed are:

One top layer for comfort and cooling: this is a 2 inches layer made out of Avena foam. As we mentioned above, Avena foam shares a lot of characteristics with latex: they are similar in cooling, response, and bounce. And the main difference between the two is their lifespan: Avena foam offers much more durability than latex.

In summary, this top layer is fantastic and gives the bed great cooling properties and enhances breathability, while it also provides some great bounce that makes it easy to move around the mattress without disturbing your partner since it limits motion transfer.

One middle layer for pressure relief and support: this layer is also 2 inches thick, and it’s made out of classic memory foam. It provides the mattress with deep compression support and pressure point relief. No matter in which position you are sleeping in, this layer will help you keep your spine aligned, which is one of the keys to avoiding back and neck pains.

One bottom layer: this is a 6 inches layer made out of support foam. This is simply the bed’s foundation that provides support to the two top layers. For heavier sleepers, this layer also provides some level of deep compression support.

layers of leesa


The Purple is also formed by three different layers, and is only half an inch thinner than the Leesa, making these two beds almost identical regarding thickness and number of layers.

So, these three layers make a total of 9.5 inches:

One top layer for comfort and cooling: this is a 2 inches layer made out of hyper-elastic polymer. This layer is probably the most distinctive thing of Purple’s mattress. There is no other bed out there in the market using hyper-elastic polymer as a material, which is strange considering the great benefits that come with it: it’s highly breathable, allowing the bed to stay cool at all times with zero heat retention, and it provides great pressure relief, allowing your spine to stay properly aligned at any sleeping position.

One middle layer for support: this is a 3.5 inches layer made out of polyurethane foam, and provides most of the support of the mattress. Additionally, it serves the purpose of distributing the weight of your body in an even manner throughout the bed, minimizing compression.

One bottom layer: this 4 inches layer acts as the foundation for the whole bed and is made out of polyurethane foam. It provides deep compression for the two top layers.

layers of purple bed

Firmness, Comfort, and Support


Considering a firmness scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest possible bed and 1 the softest, Leesa gets a 6. Their goal was to create a bed for universal comfort, and they have done pretty well because we believe that a firmness score of 6 means a good balance between support and comfort.

If you generally prefer to sleep in softer beds, then this might come as a bit firmer than what you usually prefer, but you need to consider that this “excess” of firmness is what’s responsible for the perfect support that this mattress provides.

Leesa’s bed is impressively supportive, with an amazing pressure relief and deep compression support. This is especially important for maintaining your spine aligned while you sleep, which is the most important thing for preventing neck and back pain.


Using the same firmness scale from 1 to 10, we give the Purplea score of 6.5. So, we can conclude that these two beds are also very similar in terms of firmness and support, with the Purple being a little bit harder.

As is the case with Leesa, Purple mattresses might be a bit firmer than what you would expect if you are a fan of soft beds. But, again, this is what allows this bed to have outstanding support properties, with amazing pressure relief and deep compression support, allowing your spine to stay in line while you are sleeping.

leesa and purple firmness scale

Purple vs. Leesa Compared Side by Side

Here is our side by side comparison between these two great mattresses.

Material and CoverAvena Foam (top layer) and Memory Foam (middle and bottom layer). Cover made out of Polyester and Lycra.Hyper-elastic polymer (top layer) and Polyfoam (middle and bottom layer). Cover made out of Viscose, Polyester, and Polyester-Lycra.
Height10 inches9.5 inches
Firmness6 in a 1-10 scale6.5 in a 1-10 scale
Motion TransferVery minimal
Very minimal
Warranty10 years
10 years
Trial Period100 nights100 nights

Should I buy the Leesa or Purple Mattress?

Finally, here comes the answer to the question you were looking for: should you get a Leesa or a Purple bed?

Well, it doesn’t get much harder than this when comparing between two mattresses and having to decide which one is better.

After reading all of the features that we’ve been reviewing above you may have found out that these two are extremely similar in many ways. Both beds are formed by three different layers and are about the same height. Both are similar in terms of firmness, support and motion transfer. They even provide the same warranty and trial period conditions! With 10-year warranties and 100 nights trial periods, both beds offer great trial and warranty conditions for you.

The most important difference we can find lies in the materials on which each of these mattresses is constructed. Leesa uses Avena foam for its top layer, while Purple uses Hyper-elastic polymer. Both materials are very original and make them quite unique when compared to the competition.

The usage of Avena foam makes the Leesa mattresses soft but supportive, while the usage of hyper-elastic polymer turns the Purple into very supportive and deep compressive beds. The Leesa is a little bit softer than Purple’s thanks to the Avena foam and provide a higher level of bounce.

Another difference lies in the price point for each. The Leesa is priced a couple hundred dollars less than Purple.

Finally, the last difference we can find is that the Purple has a little bit cooler. This was a very close victory by the Purple, as the Leesa is also extremely cool thanks to the Avena foam. But the polymer and grid design of the Purple provides it with amazing airflow and makes it one of the coolest mattresses on the market.

Both Leesa and Purple are very similar and exceptional mattresses, and it would be really unfair, almost irresponsible on our part to say that one is better than the other. So we have to call this a draw. Despite that, we recommend reading below for thoughts about which one you should purchase according to your personal tastes and needs.

We recommend Leesa if you:

  • Desire a bed with medium firmness level: we’ve set a score of 6 for the Leesa mattress in terms of firmness, on a 1-10 scale. The combination of memory foam and Avena foam creates a unique and amazing balance with outstanding bounce, pressure relief and response.
  • Like to sleep on your back. Even though we consider this mattress to be perfectly suitable for all sleeping positions, it can be even more proper for back sleepers.
  • Want the best possible value: The Leesa is priced under $1,000, making it one of the beds with the best overall value in the market today. This is a truly high-quality mattress made from a combination of unique materials, and nobody would complain if it cost beyond the $2,000 mark.
  • Want a well-balanced model with a consistent firmness and balanced feel.
  • Want an all foam feel: all three layers of this bed are made out of foam.
  • Want to buy from a company with great heart: Leesa is known for their immense heart and caring nature. They donate one every ten mattresses to homeless shelters or other organizations in need. Only in their first year and a half of operation, Leesa had already donated five thousand beds for these purposes.

We recommend Purple if you:

  • Want a bed with medium firmness level: being slightly firmer than Leesa mattresses, we gave Purple a score of 6.5. Those who are heavier than 160 pounds will probably feel this bed more like a 6 out of 10, while those lighter than that will definitely feel it as a 6.5.
  • Are back sleepers: as is the case with the Leesa bed, a Purple mattress can be considered to be best for back sleepers.
  • Want a unique feel: the hyper-elastic polymer used for the top layer provides this bed with one of the unique feels ever experienced. Similar in some ways with Avena and latex, it yet manages to be completely unique and different in a way. Imagine a combination of gel and latex and you will be getting close to what it feels like to lay over one of these.
  • Want a fast-response mattress. Once again, this is thanks to the hyper-elastic polymer. It gives the bed an almost instantaneous response time. Absolutely no waiting period here. It adjusts to all of your changes as you move around.
  • Want a cool bed. Even though the Leesa also has the capability of staying cool all night long, Purple beds are even more amazing in this aspect.

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