Our Helix vs. Leesa Mattress Comparison for 2018

comparison of helix and leesa

Leesa’s been one of the most popular Bed in a Box mattress companies over the last few years, while Helix has gained popularity recently due to the fact you can personalize your bed the way you want. 

In this article, we’ll break down each mattress in great detail to make your decision easier. What are we waiting for? Let’s dive straight into this battle royale: Leesa vs. Helix.



Leesa gets its many five star reviews thanks to the construction of their mattresses. The Leesa mattress is constructed of three layers:

  • Layer 1: On top, you’ll find a 2″ Avena foam layer which is hypoallergenic. This has a density of 3.65pcf.
  • Layer 2: Your body’s pressure relief is looked after by the second layer which contains 2” of memory foam.
  • Layer 3: At the bottom, you’ll find 6″ of supportive foam. This has a density of 1.8pcf.

All of this is wrapped in a fire retardant cover.

How does a fire retardant cover work?

Fire retardant features are achieved by using the correct blend of fibers that have low flammability features. You can be sure there aren’t any chemical treatments during construction specifically to keep this cover as safe as possible.

The cover interrupts combustion processes and a layer of char forms when flames occur. This prevents oxygen from worsening the problem and destroying the rest of the bed.

Here are all the features you get by using a Leesa, which is the Certi-PUR US certified:

  • No ozone depleting chemicals used during manufacturing
  • There aren’t any formaldehyde, mercury or lead products
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions
  • PBDE flame retardants

These features don’t simply keep you safe but also healthy.

layers of leesa


This is the next level of sleeping. Where else have you seen a company combining different types of bedding to create the ideal bed? No, it’s not only about satisfying your requirements but also your sleeping partner.

Yes, the mattresses in the Helix range can be customized to two people’s preferences. And there are two ways this can happen. The options at Helix simply keeps on multiplying:

  • It combines different types of foam throughout the build.
  • It’s Dual Comfort Mattresses have personalized halves. You and a partner can pick the type each prefers, and Helix will join these two halves together. You can pick from:
    • Different support
    • Different feels

To improve upon this, Helix also offers bases and protectors.

When you’ve selected these important features they will start construction. And there are three layers to this bed that can create your perfect sleep solution:

  • Mattresses rest on their bottom base layers made of High-Grade Polyfoam. This substance is available in varying degrees of firmness. Consumers’ requirements for certain levels of support are already seen to in the construction of the mattresses’ bottom layers.
  • The center layer consists of pocketed steel forged micro coils.
  • Lastly, you’ll find the Dynamic Foam on top. The substance resembles both Latex and memory foam. As a result, it has contouring and cooling effects.

You can see from its construction that unlike pure coil mattresses flipping these products won’t make sense. You’ll be left with the firm bottom layer and miss out on the luxurious top part.

If you want the ideal sleeping experience, it’s smart to match a mattress with the appropriate base. And they offer you both.

The bases are made of quality wood. They’re constructed to fit in or on top of your existing bed frames, and this is why you’ll see they’re 1″ smaller than the mattresses. These dimensions afford perfect fits and proper mattress support.

The foundation showcases slats that are 2” to 4” apart. This affords ventilation while still ensuring support.

The foundations are designed so you can assemble them yourself. You’ll receive rails, a slat pack and (with larger foundations) a support beam for each foundation you order. Assembly requires unrolling and fastening, and then the foundation is ready for use.

All materials used during construction are CertiPUR-US certified. This means there aren’t any emissions that can cause allergic reactions or pollution. The faint smell upon opening your product will dissipate within a day.

bed layers of helix



All the features mentioned above play a role in how comfortable you’ll find the Leesa.

I believe part of comfort is when you can relax. The fire preventative measure of the cover is the first thing which will cause you to sleep well at night. When you feel safe, you’ll be able to fall asleep faster.

Leesa gives itself a tall order to expect anyone will find the bed comfortable. The top two layers are supposed to adapt to any sleeper:

  • Any position
  • Any sleeping style
  • Different sized bodies

Does the mattress pull this off? The Helix seems to do this well because even both members in a couple tend to love the result. If a medium firmness is adequate for you, you’ll love this product too.

Unfortunately, the lack of structure does affect the mattress in the end. Your comfort is implicated over time when the foam starts sagging. There aren’t any coils that keep the mattress’ shape in place, so you’re bound to see some deterioration within a few years.

The bed feels luxurious but can be uncomfortably hot for some. The Avena foam is supposed to keep you cool, but it may not be enough.

Heat may not apply to all clients since it’s a situation bound problem. Unfortunately, this is not one of the most breathable beds on the market so if you don’t have ample ventilation in the room you may find sleeping uncomfortable.

These Leesa beds usually start out offering perfect comfort, but it wanes. One reason is the lack of support around the sides. Nothing is keeping this in place, and so it deteriorates especially when the unit has to support two adults.

The deteriorating structure can have negative consequences for people battling with back problems.

Additional role players in comfort are ease of use and odors. These Leesa products are easy to set up, and they don’t present with overpowering odors upon unpacking. This means you’ll enjoy the comfort of your new bed within the first day where some other mattresses require airing out.

The product’s hypoallergenic feature means even people with allergies can enjoy a comfortable night.


Helix’s focus is offering comfort based on each person’s unique requirements.

And that’s why it’s smart for you to try the Hybrid options mentioned above.

You can’t get better comfort than having a bed customized to your firmness preferences and your sleeping patterns. Because the design involves foam as well as coils you’re guaranteed to get adequate support.

Much of the comfort of Helix comes from the top layer. The unique substance the company calls Dynamic Foam is a quality product. It contours to your body’s shape so you stay supported all through the night.

This same layer also adds to the cooling effect. When you combine the mattress with a Helix foundation, you’ll have the benefits of ample ventilation. The air can travel through the gaps between slats and help your bed stay cool.

Unfortunately, no bed is perfect. This foam mattress seems to keep its shape longer than most thanks to the added coils. But be prepared that some loss of structure is inevitable.

Once again this is a mattress that won’t bother you with irritating odors during the first few nights. You can use it the moment you take it out of the packaging. Take note that these products are quite heavy so you need some assistance maneuvering it into place.

It’s amazing how small adjustments can make a world of difference in your sleeping. With the range, it’s easy for the manufacturers to adjust to your requirements. They adjust the level of:

  • Firmness
  • Softness

No these aren’t the same thing. Your mattress can feel more soft to the touch when softness is increased which builds towards the luxury you’ll experience. But at the same time, you can opt for a firmer—or less firm—interior to ensure you’re amply supported.

Comfort is directly linked to whoever else shares the bed. With the Helix mattresses, you won’t know someone else is even there so you can’t disturb each other. This is thanks to the coils that distribute weight and won’t budge at each small movement a sleeper makes.

What you should take into account is that softer designs tend to sag faster than the more firm versions. This means one partner’s side can deteriorate while the other stays in place. It may be smart to opt for slightly firmer levels than you’re used to since the foam will soften within the first few weeks.

Your comfort is also determined by the risk you take. With this brand, it’s not huge because there’s usually an easy return policy. This policy becomes void if you do accept an exchange so make sure you want to take another chance if your first bed doesn’t perform up to your expectations.

So how do these products look when seen side by side?

leesa and helix firmness scale

Helix vs. Leesa Side by Side

Warranty10-year warranty10-year limited warranty on mattresses and some covers
Five years on foundations
TypeFoamFoam and Spring coils
AvailabilityOnline purchases or in certain stores. Now also available in galleries and West Elm.Order online
Trial period100 nights risk free100 nights sleep trial
Special featuresUniversal Adaptive FeelPersonalize each side of a mattress
Sizes availableKing: 76" x 80"
California King: 72" x 84"
Queen: 60" x 80"
Full: 54" x 75"
Twin XL: 39" x 80"
Twin: 39" x 75"
King: 76" x 80"
California King: 72" x 84"
Queen: 60" x 80"
Full: 54" x 75"
Twin XL: 39" x 80"
Twin: 39" x 75"
WeightFull: 56 lbFull: 65 lb
Height7.5” high10” high
Products availableMattresses
Financing options availableYesYes
Shipping2-3 days of building and compressing before mattress is shippedWithin 6-10 days.
Free of charge.
Weight limitIndividual weights of 300 lbMattresses
500 lb combined weight
350 lb individual weight

600 lb
Custom sizes availableNoNo
Breaking in periodThree to four weeks

Should I Buy Leesa or a Helix?

We love it when sleeping gear simply makes sense and almost makes you excited to try it out. And the Helix products gave us this feeling.

Thanks to genius construction and the variety of options we believe almost anyone’s requirements will be met by Helix.

What is unfortunate is that you can only purchase the products online. I don’t like taking risks and would have preferred to test it out before making a purchase. This aspect alone may drive many clients to pick Leesa over Helix.

So why is Helix such a winner in our eyes?

  • Variety: You can pick one with a firmness and softness exactly in line with your preferences. The fact that two people’s preferences can be supplied by one mattress makes this even more mind-blowing.
  • Support: Where Leesa only provides one level of support you can match Helix products to your exact requirements. This is necessary for people who struggle with back problems because sagging mattresses only worsen these problems.
  • Comfort: Two people can both feel comfortable even when they have different preferences. This means no one has to lie awake at night to accommodate someone else. There’s also a better chance the Helix bed will feel cool enough since the Leesa tends to prevent adequate ventilation.
  • Available range: You’ll find all sizes in the Helix range so you can purchase them for the whole family. Along with the mattresses, you’ll find all your bed gear from this one vendor since they also sell foundations. It’s unfortunate their range doesn’t extend to pillows such as the Leesa range does.
  • Fast service: Helix manufactures a customized mattress and ships it to you in under two weeks. That’s impressive. When you need a new mattress fast, this is an ideal solution. Yes, a Leesa can be ready for you within three days. But then it still needs to be transported to you, and this can take a while depending on your location.

These are our reasons for preferring the Helix range above some others such as the Leesa. However, the bed industry is based on people’s unique requirements. And there are some people who will still prefer the Leesa products.

If you care about people you’ll want to support this brand because they do so much for communities and the environment:

  • They donate one bed for every 10 they sell.
  • They plant a tree for every mattress they sell.
  • They partner with various charity organizations to help solve global challenges.

If their beds afford you some excellent sleep, you’ll feel all the better knowing your purchase helped them with their excellent work.

And yes there are a few situations where Leesa trumps all:

  • When you change positions a lot during your sleep, you may prefer the Leesa. Its level of firmness supports a variety of weights and positions. This could be more beneficial than a Helix bed which is designed to support one position or preference.
  • If you’re pedantic about how your furniture looks consider the Leesa products. You can see these beds come from a design shop because they look exceptional even before you wrap them in your bedding.
  • You can view products in outlets. If you’re opting to switch from spring beds to foam, you may want to try one out before you commit to purchase.

So yes we’re very excited about the Helix range, and we believe you’ll love it too. But we’ll advise you to consider all options before making your final decision.

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