How Long Should A Mattress Really Last?

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So, you think it’s time for you to finally get a new mattress? Are you unsure whether you actually need to do it now or you can wait a little longer? And even if you know the time has come, which one should you buy for enjoying a longer lifespan this time?

Replacing a mattress is not a task that most people find compelling. They’re usually not cheap, and there is a common lack of understanding about each bed’s characteristics, advantages, and why the prices differ so much from one to the other.

There are way too many factors to be considered when deciding which is the perfect time to replace your bed, and it also varies from one person to the other according to their personal tastes. In this article, we give you an idea of how mattresses typically last so you can decide when the perfect time to replace your bed is. And you’ll also find all you need to know about the relationship between the type of mattress and its average durability.

How Often Should You Replace Your Bed?

The most possibly general rule indicates that a mattress should be replaced every ten years. But, as we will find out, this period can be shorter depending on the type. Or it may even be extended way beyond that for some kinds of beds if combined with proper care.

Besides the quality of materials of your mattress, other important factors are your weight, the peaks of stress that it has suffered during its lifetime, and how it was taken care of.

Now, let’s forget about durability in terms of years for a second. We can safely say that it’s time to replace your bed if you notice certain things such as:

  • You feel irritated in the morning when you wake up,
  • You notice some sags or indentations have been developed in your mattress,
  • You feel more comfortable after sleeping somewhere else, like a hotel or your friend’s house.

Durability by Type

Even though your body type and weight are important factors for determining how long a mattress will last, the most important variable is the bed’s type. They may be comprised of lots of different materials nowadays, and the specific characteristics of these materials are the most important key to understanding how long they will last.

The material’s thickness, firmness, pressure relief, ability to offer spinal alignment, and overall comfort are all very important properties that inevitably change through time. But every material suffers these changes at different times, and this is what we will explore below:


Innerspring beds have some interesting qualities regarding comfort and bounce. And they are great for non-sharing couples preferring a springy surface. But unfortunately, these mattresses are not good at all regarding durability.

So, if longevity is one of the top qualities you’re looking for, innerspring beds definitely won’t be at the top of your list. These beds have a thin metal wire inner core, which tends to sag and lose its support, developing sagging and indentations through time.

Flipping and rotating an innerspring model constantly is a good practice that may result in an increase in longevity, but it still won’t make it for more than 7 years. At this point, you need to consider replacing it immediately.

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Memory Foam

Memory foam beds are much better than innerspring ones regarding longevity, but still not the most durable mattresses out there. The durability of a foam model is largely affected by your body weight, making it a better option for you if you’re not the heavy type (see our top bed choices for heavy folks).

In general, a good memory foam mattress should last at least ten years if it’s properly taken care of, making it a better option than an innerspring regarding durability, but not as good as others.


If longevity is what you’re looking for, then a latex mattress is what you need. They tick all the boxes for durability and quality. Latex rubber is naturally very durable, and if you add the anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties, you get a great durable core that may last around 15 years before decreasing its performance.

Latex models can be made out of either natural or synthetic latex. With both of them being known for great durability, natural latex beds tend to last a bit longer.

How to Make Your Mattress Last Longer?

Even though the material type and density are probably the top two most important things that will define the durability of your mattress, the maintenance you apply to it can either help you extend is lifespan or reduce it a couple of years.

This is good news because it means that just with a little daily effort, you can end up getting more value for your money. Some of the things you can do that usually help a bed last longer are:

  • Regular cleaning and use of a mattress protector: Cleaning of bed is important because of the invisible bacteria and mold that slowly eats away the materials. It’s also a good idea to have it cleaned by a professional every now and then because beds can have plenty of germs and bacteria that simply won’t get cleaned with household products.
  • On the other hand, the use of a waterproof mattress protector will protect you from accidental spills and bedwetting. This liquid infiltration can saturate it, so it should be protected from it.
  • Don’t have breakfast in bed: We all like doing so, but crumbs are able to make their way beneath the sheets, causing all kinds of problems for it.
  • Inspection of your bedframe: if your bed rests on a compromised frame, its lifespan will be reduced. Consider taking a close look at the frame every one or two years to ensure everything’s ok.

Making a Long Lasting Investment

We hope this article has helped you understand the different factors that can affect the longevity of a mattress, like firmness and density of materials, maintenance, and your body weight. Remember that the key for a durable bed not only lies within the materials from which it’s made of but also on how you take care of it.

If you’re in the search of the most durable mattress so you can forget about replacing it for many years to come, get a latex bed, and make sure you take good care of it. You may have to spend some considerable amount of money for your purchase, but you won’t regret it because you will accomplish your mission in the best possible way.

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