Our Purple vs. Casper Mattress Comparison for 2018

comparison of the casper and purple mattress

It’s time to for another face-off. In the one corner, we have the odd’s on favorite Casper. In the other, we have the contender, Purple.

It is bound to be a knock-down, drag-out battle. Which bed is going to win? Let’s not waste anymore time and start the Casper vs. Purple showdown!

Materials/ Layers/ Construction

Casper Construction

The Casper mattress comes in at 9.5 inches tall and is made up of 4 different layers of foam.

The first is a 1.5-inch layer of poly foam that is designed to add some more bounce to the underlying layer. This segment is also meant to provide a cooling effect and a barrier between your body and the memory foam.

The next layer down is memory foam and is also 1.5 inches thick. It is a high-density foam and comes in at 4 PCF, helping it to provide firm but responsive support and also pressure relief.

The layer underneath this is another layer of poly foam and is also 1.5 inches thick. This acts as a transition point between the memory foam and the support foam and gives a little more bounce to the bed.

The base layer consists of support foam and is 5 inches thick.

The top and bottom covers are 100% polyester. The side panels are made out of a blend of 51% polyester and 49% polypropylene.

layers of casper bed

Purple Construction

This comes in at the same height as the Casper, but the construction is entirely different. To be honest, if you cut open the mattress and look inside, it looks a bit like a weird science experiment, but that is because one layer consists of a hyper-elastic polymer. (Something that no other bed has at this stage.)

There are three distinct layers.

The first layer the one that looks like a science experiment. It has a honeycomb-like design to facilitate air circulation and to help with pressure point relief. This is what the company calls its smart grid design. This layer is 2 inches thick.

The next layer is made of polyurethane foam and is 3.5” thick.

The final layer is also polyurethane foam and is 4” thick.

The cover is 69% polyester, 27% viscose, and 4% polyester-lycra.

layers of purple bed


Casper Firmness

The firmness rating of this mattress is going to depend, to some degree, on how much you weigh. If you tend to be a little heavier, you will find that this mattress feels more firm, at about 7 out of 10. If you tend to be a little lighter, the mattress will seem a little more neutral when it comes to firmness, coming in at about 6 out of 10.

It is not a significant issue at all. If you are on the heavier side, you will just sink deeper into the mattress.

The support offered is quite good, being neither too firm, nor too soft.

Purple Firmness

This mattress definitely feels different. It is about a 6.5 out of 10 when it comes to firmness. The material making up the top layer is similar to latex in its ability to respond to pressure, but the air pockets in it allow better support. It supports your pressure points and still feels comfortable to sit or sleep on.

Again, the weight of the sleeper does make a difference as to how far you sink into the mattress. That said, even if you are a little heavier, you will still receive optimal support.

Purely for the comfort and feel, the Purple Bed comes up tops, in my opinion. I do have to note here though that the hyperelastic material may take some getting used to for some people. I do wish that there was a way to test out the feel of the bed before you buy it. However, it is something that is easy to get used to so it’s not that much of a big deal anyway.

firmness scale for casper and purple

Purple vs. Casper Side by Side Comparison

Material and Cover1.5" poly foam, 1.5" memory foam, 1.5" poly foam, 5" support foam2” hyper-elastic material, 3.5” polyurethane foam, 4” polyurethane foam
Firmness6/10 or 7/10
6.5 / 10
Motion TransferSome

Warranty10 years
10 years
Trial Period100 nights100 nights

Should I Buy Casper or Purple?

To be honest, they match up pretty evenly in many areas, so it is hard to pick an outright winner. Both of them:

  • Are the same thickness
  • You can only buy them online
  • They do not come in differing firmness levels
  • Have a 100-day trial period and make returns easy.
  • Are made of good-quality materials
  • Are backed by excellent customer service.
  • Either bed is suitable for any type of sleeper – it is comfortable to sleep on your back, side or stomach on either bed.

If I were forced to pick one, it would be The Purple mattress, just from the point of view of comfort and uniqueness. This bed feels different and performs differently to other beds that I have tried in the past, and I really liked it.

That said, it is more expensive than the Casper bed, and not everyone is going to like the feeling of “floating” above their mattresses.

I do think that a lot of care went into the design of both and that they perform a lot better than their competitors.

In both cases, high-quality materials have been used, and the number of chemicals used during production has been cut down as much as possible.

You should probably pick the Purple if:

  • You prefer a bouncier mattress. This, for me, was one of the selling points. It reminds me of when I was a kid and used to love jumping on my bed. Now that I’m all grown up, it’s hard to bounce as high, but the Purple makes it easier.
  • You live in a warmer, more humid climate or you really do not like a hot mattress. The Casper is not a bad choice when it comes to a cool night’s sleep, but the innovative design of the Purple outshines it in this area.
  • You don’t like your mattress to hug you. Again, the Casper is not too bad in this respect – you don’t sink all the way into it – but the Purple comes out on top here as well.
  • You want a mattress that feels different.
  • You want a slightly more environmentally friendly option – neither company uses toxic chemicals to produce the beds and both use environmentally sound manufacturing practices. Where the Purple wins, though, is that it is made out of recycled materials from the outset and the packaging is entirely recyclable.
  • You want a plain, white cover. The cover is completely white, and will not be obvious under sheeting or other linen.
  • You want a cover that is a little more breathable, and that has a nicer feel to it. The addition of viscose to this cover gives it a silkier feel and makes it more breathable.
  • You like to sleep on your stomach. This is a marginally better choice for stomach sleepers because you don’t sink quite as far into the bed.
  • You are a side sleeper; you would just need to adjust your pillow’s loft accordingly.

You should probably pick the Casper if:

  • You prefer to deal with a more established company – The manufacturers of the Purple Bed don’t have the same track record as Casper do, but that is simply because they are relative newcomers. This shouldn’t put you off, though, they have had some great review published about them. It’s just that, in the case of Casper, there are a lot more reviews to draw from.
  • You want a mattress that feels more familiar. The feel of the Purple is quite different. I like it, but there are those who would prefer a little less bounce in their beds. The purple feels nothing like memory foam so, if that is the feel that you are after, stick to the Casper.
  • You want to pay less. The Purple Bed does cost a bit more; there is no denying that.
  • The cover is unique in that it is two-toned. The panels are grey, and the top and bottom are white.
  • I am a side sleeper, and I did find that I needed a slightly higher pillow when using this bed.
  • You want to be able to return the mattress free of charge. If during the 100-day trial period you decide that you don’t like the bed, Casper will pay for it to be returned to them.

So, that’s about all there is for this title bout. Both mattresses have qualities that make them appealing and, in the end, you need to decide which of these qualities is more important for you. Either way, you are bound to have a great night’s sleep and enjoy it for years to come.

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