Our Leesa vs. Brooklyn Bedding Comparison for 2018

leesa and brooklyn bedding compared side by side

“Bed in a box” and other budget-friendly mattress options are the latest trends these days. Brooklyn Bedding and Leesa are the two leading players in this growing industry.

Below the characteristics of these brands are broken down according to their construction and firmness. These are important because they help you to decipher which one is most suited to your sleeping habits.

It only takes a few minutes for you to compare the two mattresses and learn the characteristics of each to decide which one you need.

So, let’s start the showdown: Leesa vs. Brooklyn Bedding.

Materials/ Layers/ Construction

Brooklyn Bedding

This 10’’ thick mattress has a three-layered foam construction. The top layer is a 2’’ TitanFlex Foam. This is a responsive foam which has a cooling effect, bounces and above all it’s comfortable.

The middle layer is also a 2’’ TitanFlex foam. It’s firmer however to give added support and deeper compression. The bottom layer—or base—is a 6’’ high-density support foam. This layer ensures the entire bed maintains its shape and offers support to the foams above.

TitanFlex is a propriety of this brand and is a poly foam blend that’s similar to latex foam but has a firmer feel. Protecting all the foams is a quilted cover. This cover adds more comfort to the mattress, and the cotton material of the quilt keeps the foams breathable.

The cover is quilted with 3/4’’ thick polyfoam which gives it a plush feeling. This contributes to the overall softness and comfort of the bedding.

The top cover is removable and easy to wash. This helps you to maintain a soft and new looking mattress year after year. The cover is easy to clean and maintain. You only need warm water and a soft to mild detergent.

The mattress can be placed on an adjustable base. The foam allows it to move together with the base whenever you control it. The resilience of this bedding is excellent as it will form back to its natural shape immediately when you lay it flat.

layers of brooklyn bedding


The whole Leesa bed is made of high-quality materials. It’s a hybrid mattress because it is constructed from both Avena and memory foam. Avena is a polyurethane foam acting as a latex. This foam is said to be more durable than latex.

Like the Brooklyn Bedding, it’s also 10” thick.

The 2’’ top layer is Avena foam. This is unique because it has a latex feel and provides additional cooling and air circulation. One advantage to having a bed that has Avena foam is that it’s very responsive. It changes shape quickly and molds well to your body.

The 2’’ memory foam middle layer helps you with pressure relief, body contouring and provides a deep density.

The 6’’ high-density bottom layer provides support and structure to the overall bed.

All the foams’ materials work together to give the Leesa the characteristic of a well-balanced feeling. No matter how you sleep, your body lays straight. This benefit reacts to your body pressure points, so you don’t wake up with pain.

The cover is a combination of polyester and Lycra fabric and is designed with its iconic four strips. It contributes to the look and feel of the mattress. A benefit to this cover is it’s simple to clean. You only need water and a mild detergent.

The clever use of the cover’s thin design offers sleepers a classic Tempurpedic feel. This gives you a better ergonomic feel when you’re on the bed.

layers of leesa


Brooklyn Bedding

You’re offered three firmness options with this brand which is soft, medium and firm. The rating is as follows, where one equates to very soft and ten is very firm:

  • Soft: 3/10
  • Medium: 6/10
  • Firm: 8/10

You sink in deeper with the soft mattress compared to the other two. It still contours to your body well to give you the support needed when you’re sleeping. This support helps relieve the body pain people feel in the mornings.

When you lay down on the medium or firm bed the top layer foam morphs to your body without you sinking too deep in and feeling “stuck.” Throughout the padding, you’ll feel comfortable yet supported for a good night’s rest.

This bedding resists movement quite well. With virtually little motion transfer you won’t disturb others sleeping next to you.

If you don’t know which firmness level is suited for you, then pick the medium because it offers you best of both worlds.

The comfort and support of Brooklyn Bedding are said to be ideal for heavy sleepers.


The firmness level of Leesa is rated a 6/7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It’s firm yet comfortable and contours well to your body shape. This is suitable for the average sleeper, meaning one that isn’t a light or heavy sleeper.

The thickness of the Leesa doesn’t impact the comfort level. Whichever position you lay down you’ll immediately feel snug.

Another feature that’s constructed into Leesa bedding is the edge support. This support feature allows you to sit on the edge of the bed without sinking in.

The Leesa provides a higher level of stability for its users. The mattress can support sleepers weighing up to 300lb. The level of comfort will remain the same for all users. The motion transfer is still minimal which ensures one sleeper rests comfortably while the other moves.

The bed is comfortable for those that sleep on their backs, sides or stomach. The position that you sleep won’t affect the support you get with the Leesa. This versatility makes the bed a good option for a large range of sleepers who changes positions when they’re sleeping.

firmness scale for brooklyn bedding and leesa

Leesa vs. Brooklyn Bedding Side by Side Comparison

The side by side comparison of each brand helps you understand the differences to determine which one is best for you.

 Brooklyn BeddingLeesa Mattress
Material and CoverThe white and grey top cover is quilted in-house. The material is cotton to make the cover breathable.The light gray and white cover is a thin blend of polyester and Lycra. It’s cut from a single sheet of fabric for breathability and contouring.
FirmnessSoft 3/10
Medium 6/10
Firm 8/10
6/7 out of 10
Motion transferMinimalMinimal
Warranty10 years10 years
Trail period120 nights100 nights

Should you buy a Brooklyn or Leesa?

Brooklyn bedding and Leesa products live up to standards of their respective brands. They share common characteristics which decide on choosing which one to pick more difficult.

The similarities include:

  • They both have 4’’ comfortable foam layers that give a balanced feeling when you lay on them.
  • They both allow for cooling air circulation.
  • Both mattresses are made entirely of foam and have no springs.
  • Eco-friendly construction materials are used during manufacturing. Both brands are CertiPur-US certified. The materials and certification ensure there is hardly any odor emitted giving you a very restful sleep.
  • Both mattresses can be used with or without foundation. It provides maximum support either way.

So which mattress is best? There is no clear winner because both brands offer distinctive characteristics that make either of them good.

You must pick the one suited for you based on your sleeping habits and preferences mentioned below.

We recommend the Brooklyn Bedding to people that:

  • Prefer durability: This option is said to be more durable than other beds in the industry. This is beneficial because of the need to replace it before the warranty doesn’t occur.
  • Want the firmness option: You get three firmness options with this mattress which is soft, medium or firm. This versatile range ensures you can have a firmness level which gives you ultra comfort for all sleeping positions.
  • Want more resilience: The Brooklyn bedding is bouncier than Leesa. The memory foam takes shape quickly when you move around. This ensures you can move around easily on the mattress. The Brooklyn bedding supports you well and will not make you sink in deeply.
  • Love the latex type feeling: This feeling is distinct which is considered to be the best sleeping surface.
  • Don’t want to reposition the mattress: You never need to flip or rotate the mattress. You’ll experience little wear and tear throughout the years.
  • Want a mattress designed by the best in the industry: The Brooklyn range is designed and manufactured by well-established experts in this industry. This guarantees that you’re getting a high-quality product.
  • Who want value for money: Brooklyn Bedding is a manufacturer that owns its factory. It takes full advantage of this by offering prices lower than other brands. The prices are also lowered because the brand cuts out retailers.
  • Don’t enjoy sleeping hot: The TitanFlex foam draws heat away from your body while also providing a cooling circulation.

We recommend the Leesa to people that:

  • Sleep in multiple positions: The firmness level of the Leesa allows you to sleep in various positions. The Leesa supports you well without feeling trapped.
  • Don’t want to sink: The firm quality of this bed ensures your body hardly sinks.
  • Want greater amount of body contouring: The Leesa allows you to sink in slightly so the memory foam can shape your body better.
  • Want a cool night’s rest: Many people don’t like a foam base because it can get too humid while they sleep. The Avena foam layer tackles this perception and provides an ultimate cooling conditioning.
  • Want high-quality products: The Leesa is made with high-quality materials to ensure it’s long lasting. You’ll still receive excellent value for money because the prices are reasonable.
  • Want a no flip mattress: The Leesa doesn’t need to be often flipped to maintain its overall shape throughout. You only need to rotate it from head to toe to minimize wear and tear and reduce sagging.
  • Want a brand that gives back: Leesa is committed to giving back to communities. They’ve also started their bed foundations. With every ten mattresses sold one is donated to homeless shelters and other people in need.

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