Our Casper vs. Amerisleep Bed Comparison for 2018

comparison of amerisleep and casper

Are you in the market for a new bed? If it’s been a while since you bought your last one, you are probably quite amazed at the range of options that are available to you now. It’s not a case of just choosing any old bed anymore. There have been so many advances in technology that you now have to consider motion transfer, heat retention, pressure relief and a whole lot of other things besides.

There’s a lot to consider, and it can be tough to know where to start. Which brand do you choose? Which qualities do you focus on?

Let’s waste no time and jump straight into it: Amerisleep vs. Casper.

Materials/ Layers/ Construction

Casper Construction

With this mattress, you are getting four separate layers of foam. The top layer is a latex foam that is designed to breathe better. The next layer is the standard memory foam for comfort and support. That is followed by some more of the latex. This is finished off with a layer of support foam. The support layer is 5 inches thick, and all the others are 1.5 inches thick.

The cover is very basic in grey and white.

layers of casper bed

Amerisleep Construction

Amerisleep has several different options depending on the firmness that you prefer. The basic construction is as follows, with you being able to add extras as you prefer.

Each of the mattresses they offer has three basic zones:

  1. The Upper Comfort Layer: This is the topmost layer of Bio-Pur Comfort Foam. It has a more open cell structure to help it breathe better offering comfort and contouring. The thickness of this layer can be adjusted to influence how firm or soft your bed is. It is between two and four inches thick.
  2. The Transition Layer: This layer helps to provide cushioning between the dense support layer and the top layer. It is more responsive than the comfort layer and so prevents you sinking too deeply into the mattress. In the higher end models, there are two such layers. This is between one and three inches thick depending on the option that you choose.
  3. The Base Support Layer: This is a very dense supportive foam that forms the base – it is between seven and eight inches thick depending on the option chosen.

The Celliant covering is designed to help regulate body temperature and is also two-toned.

layers of amerisleep


Casper Firmness

This is a medium firmness bed. The mattress is manufactured to be comfortable and supportive. You cannot alter the firmness here at all.

Amerisleep Firmness

You get to choose the level of firmness and support that suits you. You can select a medium, medium firm or medium soft option.

firmness scale for amerisleep and casper

Amerisleep vs. Casper Side by Side Comparison

Material and Cover1.5" latex, 1.5" memory foam, 1.5" latex, 5" support foamMemory foam
Firmness6/10 or 7/10
Medium, medium firm or medium soft
Motion TransferGoodExcellent
Trial Period100 nights100 nights

Should I Buy Casper or Amerisleep?

This is going to depend on what your personal preferences are. With the number of options available at Amerisleep, you could find something that would suit everyone. That said, the Casper is pretty good fit for most sleepers.

Amerisleep May be Better for You if:

  • You need more customization when it comes to the level of firmness. The company has specialized designs that cater for side sleepers, back sleepers, etc. It has never been easier to choose a mattress based on your preferred sleep position. Casper loses out here because it has adopted a one-size-fits-all approach. It has only got the medium firmness option.
  • You only really sleep in the one position. You have such a high level of customization that you can finetune it according to your preferred sleeping position.
  • You like a more static mattress. Because these don’t have any other materials used in their production, they have that typical memory foam feel. These are not as much fun for your kids because they just don’t offer the same level of bounce.
  • You want maximum protection against motion transfer. The lack of bounce as discussed above also means that there is less chance of motion transfer with these products.
  • You want more additional options and can pay for these. The Celliant in the cover, for example, is said to have some impressive health benefits. The different formulations of the memory foam also have some exciting benefits. But they do cost more.

Casper May Be Better for You if:

  • You want a bit more of a bounce. The latex layers do add some nice bounciness to the overall design, and this has its advantages as well.
  • You are hesitant about using a 100% memory foam mattress. Amerisleep has worked on creating products that reduce heat transfer, but you may prefer a product that has different layers of materials in it.
  • You are looking for a brand that has established a really good reputation. This brand has done that and has done that fast. They must be doing something right.
  • You want just to get your bed and be done with it. Maybe you don’t want to have to make all those decisions about firmness, etc. That is fine too – if you don’t want the extra responsibility, stick with a more straightforward brand.
  • You are on a tighter budget. These products come in at a lower price point. There is no denying that. The others have more features and added extras, but you have to decide if those extras are worth the added price tag.
  • You have a spouse that sleeps in a different position to you. That’s where that extra layer of customization that you can get with the other option could be problematic. You would have to consider having separate beds or risk one of you not getting a great night’s sleep.

At the end of the day, Amerisleep takes the prize regarding its customization aspects. It is very appealing to be able to customize your sleep experience so completely. At the same time, though, you have to consider the price point. While there are a lot of benefits to being able to pick and choose the exact amount of support your bed is giving you, sometimes all you need is just a good bed.

Is it worth shelling out the extra money to choose every aspect of the support you will get? What’s going to happen if you don’t sleep alone in the future? Are both brands going to last as well? These are all questions that you would need to ask yourself. What is most important to you? The money or the choice?

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